Seed by Seed

Danielle Prapavessis

Danielle Prapavessis is a passionate student studying environmental science at the University of Ottawa. She is curious by nature, loves to travel and learns the best through talking with people. Growing up in New-Zealand where her primary school focused on environmental education, she has been aware and connected to several environmental issues from a young age. She is interested in the relationship each of us have with nature and how food is the most intimate connection we have with our environment, linking us to our health and communities too. Danielle believes that empowerment is essential to tackle any issue. She fills her days with high energy, long meal times, exercise and being outside. Her favourite subject is calculus and she thinks that one of the most astonishing facts is to think is that every person makes choices that define what is happening around us, and by making conscious decisions, we have the power to create change.