Seed by Seed


Seed by Seed is a non-profit organization that relies in part on grants and donations to further their mission to educate and engage youth and community groups about the role they can play in fostering a healthy relationship with food. Your contribution will allow Seed by Seed to continue to equip people with the tools, resources and skills needed to take action in their community and join the growing movement of people who are dedicated to fostering sustainable food systems. Ultimately our goal is to reshape our food system to reflect our values: healthy people, healthy communities, healthy world.

Please note: Seed by Seed is a not-for-profit corporation and a tax receipt will not be provided.


You have the opportunity to create positive change for the future. The Seed by Seed speaking tour is the perfect way for your company to present its brand and engage with a constituency that includes: youth and teachers from all across Canada, like-minded companies and the national community who follows our tour.

Partnering with us will enable our organization to build brand awareness, generate positive sentiment across Canada and be part of the action plans and programs within the schools we reach.

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