Seed by Seed

Our Why, How and What


We believe that people need to understand the power of food. Food plays a fundamental role in determining our health, shaping community and impacting the environment. Everyday, the choices we make as consumers have an influence on our food systems. We believe that youth have the power to be ambassadors of change within their communities and to create a sustainable future by reconnecting people with their food.


Seed by Seed strives to strengthen the relationship between communities and local sustainable food initiatives. We offer youth programming, food centric bike tours in the city of Toronto and operate two food growing sites in the cabbagetown area.


We are a non-profit organization and educational partner that offers speeches and action focused workshops that empower youth and their communities to reconnect with their food and create positive change. Seed by Seed speakers deliver multimedia presentations and workshops to schools and community organizations. This program is designed to educate youth and their families about the current challenges we face in our food system and to inspire them to become active and engaged citizens. Our workshops focus on developing leadership skills and creating action plans that foster sustainable food choices. Our presenters will provide information, tools and resources that will motivate and support behaviours that create positive changes on a personal, local and global level. Our goals are to encourage healthy eating, to support local farming and to understand the power of the consumer. Ultimately we want to reshape our food system to reflect our values: healthy people, healthy communities, healthy world.